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Pre K-12 Curriculum

Gantec Publishing Solutions serves K-12 publishers globally with end-to-end service offerings. We have established trusted partnerships with our clients in APAC, Europe and North American regions with our quality and cost efficient solutions.

Our K-12 team consists of highly experienced content developers, editorial teams, project managers, designers, artists, compositors, and other professionals, all of whom collaborate and partner with customers to produce complex books with an eye for detail, - one page at a time. Our Services include:

  • End to End Project Management
  • Content Development
  • Editorial Services
  • Art Design and Production
  • Multimedia Interactive e-learning Solutions
  • eBooks


We have built expertise in the following subjects/areas

  • Math
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Reading/Literature
  • Social Studies
  • English to Spanish Conversion


Our scalable, cost efficient on-shore/off-shore global delivery model harnesses the economies of scale of production, helping publishers reduce capital costs and increase turnaround times.

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