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Association with LEAP Publishing Higher Ed now enables Gantec Publishing to offer complete end to end services for the higher education publishers. Gantec’s  strength in traditional technology, production capabilities and, global reach combined with LEAP’s 15 years of experience in managing higher education products puts the alliance in a unique position to offer the best of both worlds by delivering global economies of scale.

Depending on project requirements, we also can add value by managing any part of the process along the way, including:

Development Services

  • Product planning in conjunction with publisher and authors
  • Managing the schedule for the entire development process
  • Providing author management and direction of content
  • Manuscript development including editing and rewriting
  • Writing boxes, captions, new modules, and new chapters
  • Initiating reviews, including hiring and managing reviewer panel
  • Analyzing and summarizing reviewer comments to authors
  • Managing design, art development, and photo research
  • Providing production quality control
  • Managing permissions including requests, payments, and log
  • Supplement management including hiring and managing authors


Writing Services

  • Content research
  • Fee writing, for entire book or by chapter
  • Light to heavy manuscript modifications
  • Content evaluation for factual accuracy


Editorial Project Management

  • Project management, including author contact, schedule, and budget control
  • Copyediting and marking copy for composition tagging
  • Reviewing sample pages against design and page layout
  • Proofreading, including page layout and content; checking all stages of page composition including printer proofs; PDF soft proofing also included
  • Editorial proofreading, combining copyedit and proofread
  • Free reading, reading through content only
  • Art and photo coordination
  • Permissions management
  • Indexing, preparing glossary and other front matter material
  • Supplement updating and formatting, preparing final printer-ready or online-only digital files with watermarks


Production Services

  • Page composition
  • Developing and rendering art
  • Design and layout
  • Photo management
  • Full prepress services


Digital Services


E-Books & Data Conversion



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